Abloy Inoxi 3-19/012 PZ+PZ Handles


Product Specifications

  • Holes: 70/72 mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Profile doors: 92mm
  • Door thicknesses: 38-42mm, 43-47mm, 48-52mm, 53-57mm, 58-62mm



  • This selection includes solutions for both solid and profile doors.
  • On the broader plate for solid doors, the distance between the holes is 70/72 mm, and on the narrower plate designed for profile doors, it is 92 mm
  • Door thicknesses: 38-42mm, 43-47mm, 48-52mm, 53-57mm, 58-62mm
  • Both a normal and a split spindle can be used with the fittings
  • The fittings can be equipped with a pair of handles or a combination of a handle and a pull/push handle
  • They are made of stainless steel, and the design of the plates follows modern trends
  • Five different handle types are available: 3-19, 3-19s, 3-19ss, 3-19st and 24
  • The fittings have been tested according to EN standards, and with handle 3-19, they are approved for use according to standard EN179 with ABLOY EL520, EL420, EL560 and EL460
  • They have also been tested and approved for use on fire doors according to standard EN1634-1.