Abloy CL103C c/w Straight Cam and 3-Keys


Product Specifications

  • Cam turns: 90/180 degrees, key removable in locked position only
  • Number of discs: 11
  • Overall length: 43mm
  • Maximum door thickness: 19.5mm
  • Cam distance: 28.5mm
  • 3 keys included


Physical strength

  • ABLOY® Cam Locks combine excellence in design with the very latest engineering and production technology. Additional resistance to physical attacks is ensured by the use of case-hardened steel components.

Masterkeying capabilities

  • Based on a unique operating principle which employs rotating detainer discs, ABLOY® Cam Locks offer advantages that other locking systems cannot achieve.

Resistance to harsh conditions

  • The ABLOY® cylinder contains no springs or pins which could cause it to malfunction in a wide range of environmental conditions. All the components are hightly resistant to wear, dirt, moisture, corrosion or freezing conditions.

Product dimensions

  • Overall Length: 43mm
  • Maximum Door Thickness: 19.5mm
  • Cam Distance: 28.5mm


  • Cam turns: key removable 90°/180° in locked position only
  • Number of discs: 11
  • Cylinder housing: Brass
  • Universal range
  • Left hand operation possible
  • Can be master-keyed with door cylinders