Abloy CY403U c/w 3 Keys

Product Specifications

  • Number of discs: 11
  • Cylinder housing material: Brass
  • Cylinder housing finish: Bright Chrome / Satin Chrome / Bright Brass
  • Can be master-keyed with door cylinders
  • Unassembled
  • 3 keys included



  • Cylinder mechanism: ABLOY® NOVEL
  • 31.75mm ANSI North American RIM and Mortice cylinder
  • Is operated by a key
  • Finish: Bright chrome / Satin Chrome / Bright Brass (US3)
  • 3 keys included
  • Improved resistance against wear and tear (AWS).
  • Smooth, durable and reliable operation, resistant to dirt and freezing, and there are no springs and pins.
  • Plastic key bow with nickel silver shaft makes it pleasing to handle and use.
  • Convenient reversible key.
  • The ABLOY® NOVEL detainer disc cylinder, keys and key blanks are protected by patents world-wide until 2027.
  • Strict key control: duplicate keys only with the key card.