YSELC/330/B1 - Yale Elite Safe

Features and Benefit

Product Specifications
  • Certifications: GB10409 standard, CSP certification
  • Dual or Triple authentication high security control:PIN (3-8 digits) / master key / finger print, which offer more than10,000,000+ combinations
  • 112 items door open records
  • Semiconductor fingerprint, store up to 100 fingerprints
  • 6 lever double bitted mecanical override, solid bolts with 30mm diameter
  • Reinforced walls & doors
  • LED Screen
  • Alarm sets in if enter 3 times wrong code / 5 times wrong fingerprint
  • Vibration alarm function will be activated when the safeis moved
  • Mechanical key override lock
  • Low battery indicator
  • 9V Emergency battery access



The smallest size in the Elite series, YSELC/330/B1 is able to store a small number of important documents, such as passports, photos, birth papers, contracts, etc.

    Technical details

    • Opening solution (Choose any 2 or 3 options): Fingerprint / PIN code / Master or Mechanical Override keys
    • Exterior (H x W x D):391 x 420 x 330mm
    • Interior (H x W x D):320 x 410 x 250mm
    • Net weight:40 kg
    • Battery:4 X AA size (1.5V R06)
    • Keys: 2 master keys & 2 manual override keys
    • Other compartments:Shelf board X 1