YFF/520/FG2 - Yale Biometric Fire Safe

Product Specifications
  • Function: High Security Lock
  • Net Weight: 53KG
  • Locking Machanism: 16 MM
  • Battery:4 x 1.5vAA
  • External Dimension: 522 (H) x 404 (W) x 440 (D) MM
  • Internal Dimension: 410 (H) x 300 (W) x 300 (D) MM
  • This size does not include 43mm thick keyboard panels
  • Warranty: 1 Year




  • State-of-the-art digital touchpad
  • Advanced biometric swipe type finger print reader
  • Maximum 128 finger prints registration
  • 1 billion+ digital combinations
  • Code scramble input function for privacy
  • Silent input option
  • Resettable 4-16 digital user code
  • External battery compartment
  • Low battery alarm signal
  • Time lock when wrong code is entered 5 times consecutively
  • Dual passcode option (while finger print function disabled)
  • Optional warning alert sound against impact / tilting
  • Made in Korea

Technical details:

  • External dimension H x W x D: 522 x 404 x 440mm (This size does not include 43mm thick keyboard panels)
  • Internal dimension H x W x D: 410 x 300 x 300mm
  • The above dimensions do not include 43mm thick keyboard panels
  • Net Weight (kg): 53
  • Volume (litres): 36.9
  • 16mm steel locking bolts
  • Hinge protected with 18mm steel back and locking bolts
  • Use 4 x AA (1.5V R06)


  • Tested to withstand up to one hour intense fire
  • Internal temperature will not exceed 150 Degree Celsius in 927 Degree Celsius furnace
  • Certified by SP (Swedish National Testing & Research Institute) and KS (Korea Standard)

More information on Korea Standard:http://www.kssn.net/eng/

More information on Swedish Standard: http://sp.se/en/Sidor/default.aspx

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