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The password setup for Yale Digital Lock varies with models. In general, there is a setup or reset key on the side of the interior part. For further information, please refer to the respective user manuals.

In general, a password is consisted of 6-12 numerical digits. In some models, the password length is 4 -10 digits.

The procedures of card registration vary with models.

If you lose a smart card or touch key, simply invalidate the lost card/ key by re-registering all the remaining keys. The lost key will automatically be disabled and cannot be used again.

A Yale electronic lock can be registered with 20-40 smart cards.

Please register all cards at one time. If the cards were registered at different times, system will only recognize the last card and disable the previous ones.

Up to 20 fingerprints can be registered on the same lock.

You can either use the mechanical override key (if applicable to your model) to open the door or plug-in a 9V battery to the emergency power supply plate which locates outside the door to provide instant power to the electronic lock.

If you hear a low battery warning melody rings or the indicator light blinks in red, it means the smart lock is running low in power. Please replace all batteries when you hear/ see the alert.

Open the cover of the battery compartment, take out the old batteries, and replace with new 1.5V Alkaline AA batteries. Please replace all batteries at the same time.

Simply open the battery cover of the lock and you will see a sound adjustment button. The location of the button may vary from model.

There are two types of alarm in Yale smart lock:

  1. Alarm on damage of the lock:
    When the front body of the lock is damaged due to forced separation or drilling, the alarm will go off.
  2. Alarm on break-in:
    When someone tries to break-in by force while the door is locked, the alarm will go off.

Turn off the alarm by one of the three options:

  • Enter your registered PIN code
  • Contact your registered smart card or i-Button key
  • Scan your registered fingerprint

Please check your lock mode setting.

By default, all smart locks are set to automatic locking mode which detects the door closing and automatically locks the door in a few seconds. However, if it is switch to manual locking, the door will not lock up automatically after closing.

To change the setting, simply open the cover of the battery compartment and press the automatic/ manual button to set your preference.

When the lock is at manual locking mode, the door will not lock up automatically after closing. To change the setting, simply open the cover of the battery compartment and press the automatic/ manual button to set your preference.

Yale digital locks are designed with a Safe Handle to protect user from break-in attempts. There is a safety button embedded on the handle and user must press the button together with the handle to open the door. The safety button prevents break-in attempt by drilling holes on the door, inserting string loops from outside and pulling the handle to open the lock.

Yale smart locks are equipped with a scramble code feature to prevent the leakage of password. In practice, user can add some random codes in front or after a registered password when you are concerned about your password being exposed in some situations.

If a wrong PIN code/ fingerprint/ smart card is entered for 5 consecutive times, the smart lock will shut down for 3 minutes and cannot be operated. This is a function to prevent vandalism. All Yale electronic locks are equipped with this feature.

Currently, the following Yale digital locks support fingerprint entry:
YDM4109, YDM4115. YDR4110, YMG40 and YMF40

Currently, the following Yale electronic locks support smart card or contact key entries:
YDR323, YDR353, YDR2106, YDR2108, YDR3108, YDM2106, YDM2107, YDM3106, YDM3107, YDM3109, YDM3115 and YMG30.

Most Yale smart locks are equipped with this function but the setup method may vary from model.

Yale electronic locks carried two product lines, the main locks and the auxiliary locks. Not all auxiliary locks are equipped with a handle. These are the locks without handle:YDR323, YDR353, YDR2106, YDR2108, YDR3108, and YDR4110.

Most people register with their index fingers but there is no substantive restriction. We suggest user register fingerprints on both left and right hands.

Some Yale smart locks can be paired up with a remote controller.

The registration procedures may vary from models.

The deactivation steps may vary from models.